Can I get a pest control company to remove a snake?

Wilmington snake

Will Pest Control Companies Remove Snakes?
Snakes are pests – there is no doubt about that. They are major pests that can cause harm and damage, and that you need gone from your property. Removing them, though, is where the trouble starts. You want them gone, but you may not know how to do that. Snake removal is not something you know well, nor is it something you have done before. As such, you want to go with the professionals for this. For professional removal, you might think about pest control companies. Logically, they should be a good fit, right? After all, these are pests and they remove pests – but that is not going to be the case here.

Pest Control Companies
Pest control companies do not remove snakes. They remove pests, yes, but not the snake kind. They do not remove the rodent, snake, or large mammal kind at all. Pest control companies do not have the experience, knowledge, skills, or equipment to deal with these types of pests. It is not part of their job. You cannot expect them to do this job. In most cases, they deal with insects. They spray for insects and that is it. If it is not an insect, you cannot rely on these services to help you. You will have to go elsewhere for help. There are options available to you. You do not have to feel lost and frustrated because you cannot rely on pest control, not with what is available to you.

What You Can Do
Other services are out there. There are specialized services out there for snake removal. Critter removal exists and can do the job, assuming there is the option near you. Look into local services for snake removal and speak with them about the methods. If the snake is venomous, or if you want to keep yourself away from it, this is a great option. You can do the removal yourself, too. With traps available, you have easy options. Traps are effective and straightforward. You can set them down and let the snake enter, removing it after the snake leaves. No, pest control companies are not going to help you. Most of these companies only remove insects, not snakes or other types of pests. If you need to remove snakes from your property, you need to contact a specialist service or do it yourself. Other options are not available.

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